FLaw Offices of Jordan G. Zeitz
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High Profile Cases

Jordan G. Zeitz

State of New Jersey vs. Robby R. Willis

Represented one of four men charged in a homicide case in New Jersey.

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*Assisted Glenn A. Zeitz in the representation of U.S.A. v. Vincent J. Fumo, Dr. Leonard Patrick, and other cases.

Glenn A. Zeitz

Coking vs. C.R.D.A., Donald Trump, and Trump Plaza

Represented senior citizen and widow Vera Coking successfully against Donald Trump, Trump Plaza, and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority in eminent domain and personal injury cases where they collectively tried to take her property by eminent domain for a project adjacent to the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. This mater is a reported decision in New Jersey (C.R.D.A. v. Banin, 320 N.J.Super. 342 (Law Div. 1998)) where the New Jersey Superior Court upheld Ms. Coking’s right to keep her property and awarded attorney’s fees and costs on her behalf. Her personal injury case was settled on her behalf during the course of trial in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Thomas vs. Ford Motor Company

Represented Ford Motor Company successfully in the defense of a product liability action. The case became nationally known and resulted in a book (Cape May Courthouse: A Death in the Night) by New York Times best selling author Lawrence Schiller, author of American Tragedy, Perfect Murder Perfect Town, and Into the Mirror. The defense of this matter resulted in the plaintiff withdrawing all claims without any form of compensation.

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In re: Ardmore Property Owners vs. Township of Lower Merion

Represented numerous and diverse commercial property owners in the historic district in Ardmore, Pennsylvania in order to protect their property rights from eminent domain based on a designation of blight.

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Brighton Towers Condominium Association vs. Tropicana

Represented large condominium association of over 200 owners against Tropicana Casino in Atlantic City in matter involving large development project in Atlantic City.

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U.S.A. vs. Vincent J. Fumo

Represented Senator Vincent J. Fumo for the purpose of providing independent legal advice as to the Government’s motion to disqualify his attorneys based on possible conflicts of interest.

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U.S.A. vs. Dr. Leonard Patrick

Represented a veterinarian against the Federal Government in an insurance fraud prosecution over the death of a racehorse. This defense in this matter resulted in the granting of a new trial based on prosecutorial misconduct and the case was ultimately dismissed.

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U.S.A. vs. Francis Sheeran and U.S.A. vs. Louis Bottone

Represented president of the Teamsters union in Delaware and president of the Teamsters union in Philadelphia against the Federal Government in R.I.C.O. prosecutions. These matters also involved the Federal investigation into the death and disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

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